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Do you feel like you keep on forgetting things more often? You might be unconsciously damaging your brain. Your habits and diet plays a big role when it comes to your brain function. And if you’re having incidents such as being forgetful or having a short fuse, take note of these.

Here’s the list of brain damaging habits that you must know:

No Breakfast
Skipping breakfast leads to lower blood sugar levels. This results with lack of nutrients supply to the brain which can cause brain damage.

Overeating can cause hardening of the brain arteries which can lead to reduced mental ability.

This is a quite dangerous habit which can cause multiple brain shrinkage and development of Alzhemier`s disease.

High Sugar Consumption
Sugar over consumption impedes the absorption of proteins and nutrients which leads to malnutrition and may also affect brain development.

Air Pollution
Most of the oxygen inhaled goes to your brain. Therefore, inhaling polluted air reduces oxygen supply to the brain which results with decreased brain efficiency.

Sleep Deprivation
Proper sleep is essential to brain’s health. Long term poor sleep can speed up the death of brain cells.

Head Covered while Sleeping
If you sleep with your head covered increased the concentration of carbon dioxide and decrease the concentration of oxygen which can damage your brain.

Working Your Brain During Illness
Hard work and studying while being ill can reduce the mental ability and can have damage effects on your brain.

Lacking in Stimulating Thoughts
Thinking has amazingly good benefits for your brain. The lack of brain stimulation can lead to brain shrinkage.

Talking Rarely
Pleasant and intellectual conversations improve your mental alertness and the efficiency of your brain.

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Source: Health Digezt

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