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Sleeping is one of the most satisfying things a human can do. It can also be one of the most difficult things to keep regular. There are plenty of sleep disorders and remedies to combat them, but here is a list of 10 of the most common problems that people face while trying to catch some “Z’s” and some very easy ways to fix them. Good luck and sweet dreams!
1. Waking Up With Back Pain 

If you wake up with a back pain, medical experts recommend sleeping on your back using a pillow underneath your legs to form a natural curvature of your body. If you choose to sleep on your side, keep a pillow between your legs. Notice that you’ll be free from your back pain in no time!
2. Trying To Sleep With Neck Pain

Again, sleeping on your back is recommended. This is also called the supine position.
3. Snoring

Have a partner that won’t stop snoring? Have them sleep on their side or try a pillow that keeps their head and neck straight. Also, there are special exercises they can do to strengthen the muscles of the tongue and throat.
4. Leg Cramps 

The best way to take care of leg cramps during the night is to get on a routine of stretching before going to bed. You may even want to try taking a yoga class on a regular basis.
5. Heartburn/Aching Legs

Elevate your legs with a pillow and the venous blood will run downwards of your legs. Also, limit your caffeine intake 6 hours before bedtime and give your legs a nice massage or rub down. Believe it or not, sleeping on your left side prevents your food from returning up into the esophagus, thus preventing heartburn.


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