Read this article and find out 10 Morning Rituals to Supercharge Your Mind, Body and Metabolism in 5 Minutes:
Wake Up on Time
Forget about the snooze option! Being late will just postpone all your daily activities and your day will start with a dose of stress! Sleeping 10minutes more will do nothing regarding your rest, but this terrible habit will lead to anxiety and recklessness.
Try to find your favorite alarm clock music and try to wake up with more energy.
Calm Down and Meditate
Start your day with a 5-minutes mindfulness practice. Listen to some relaxing music, mediate, envision your future success, or reflect what you are grateful for.
A good night sleep doesn’t guarantee that you will feel great during the day. While sleeping, many people change positions and some don’t, but sleeping stiffens the body and slows down the lymph system. 
A nice morning stretch can relax the body and muscles and boost the organism. It will stimulate the blood flow and reduce stress and tension in the muscles. Stretch from top to bottom – start from the neck and work your way down to the shoulders, chest, back, quads, hamstrings and calves. Once you start stretching every day, you will feel better and more relaxed.
Exercise in the Morning
Prepare yourself for daily challenges by starting the day with a workout. The morning is the perfect time of the day to boost your energy. When some of the busiest people in the world can find time to workout, so can you!
Set Your Internal Clock
Our body has an internal clock which will alarm you precisely when the body is hungry, needs sleep, and needs rest. The bodies of individuals who sleep more than 9 hours produce more of the hormone melatonin than those of people who sleep less.

Drink Lemon Water
You need to drink a cup of lemon water every morning to alkalize the body, improve digestion, suppress hunger, cleanse the system, and energize the body.
Your breakfast should be high in iron
The breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, if it lacks iron, you will not feel energized by it. 
According to time.com, iron deficiency makes you slow and lazy as the mineral is important for oxygen delivery to the body cells. Consume eggs, green leafy vegetables, peanut butter or beans for breakfast, along with a glass of orange or lemon juice, which contain high amounts of vitamin C
Dress as you feel
According to Forbes.com, you should always wear comfortable clothes at work, as this will help you be relaxed in the office and feel much better.
Don’t oversleep on weekends
Always follow your routine even if it is a weekend. This will help you stick to the schedule and stop hating Mondays, as they won’t be the end of the relaxation.
Read in Bed
In order to sleep well, try to keep all the technology devices, like cell phones, and laptops away from your bed at least a few hours before bedtime. 
Instead, you can read classic book which will make you fall asleep quickly and have a restful night. On the other hand, you can use technology in the morning to read the news and check out your messages.
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