12 Cancer-Causing Things You Need To Remove From Your Bedroom Right Now – HealthyTipsAdvice

Of all the places we spend time, our bedrooms are probably where we spend the most time. 

So wouldn’t we want to make sure it’s safe?

Fortunately, we can help – with our list of 12 easy ways to remove carcinogens from our bedrooms!

1. Replace Your Pillows and Pillow Cases with Organic Materials

Cotton isn’t necessarily the way to go – unless it’s organic. So check!

2. Replace or Remove All Artificial Fabrics From Your Bedding, Bedroom, and Closet

Synthetic materials have all sorts of fun chemicals and plastics. Stay away!

3. Replace or Remove Artificial Clothes in Your Closet

See point #2.

4. Remove Faux/Fabric Furniture

Between plastics and chemical applicants, this is an easy place to make changes.

5. Remove Particle Board and MDF

More chemicals? More chemicals!

6. Remove Accent/Throw Rugs

These accents hold all sorts of chemicals and mites and store all sorts of nasty things. You don’t want that.

7. Use No-VOC Paint

Check out this video below:

8. Shoe Free Zone

Keeping shoes out helps keep you from tracking all sorts of nonsense in. Easy enough!

9. Minimize Electrical Devices

Keeping them out of your bedroom can also help keep cancer-causing radiation out.

10. Replace or Cover Your Mattress

Conventional mattresses bring conventional chemicals with them. You can do better.

11. Buy an Air Cleaner

Make sure it has HEPA filtration, and you’ll be shocked at how much junk it pulls out of the air.

12. Remove Chemically Treated Drapes or Shades

Wood blinds may be an option for some individuals.

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