2-Hour Difference in Sleep Means This Much to Your Health – HealthyTipsAdvice

Having a proper sleep every night is an essential activity for your health. This is the time for your body to calm down and relax.

However, most people do not get enough sleep everyday. Some people disregard the significance of sleep by staying up late on computers and phones. Some people don’t get enough sleep due to work. Some are suffering from insomnia. Lack of sleeping could cause overweight and waking up in a very bad mood.

Sleep deprivation affects many organs in your body, especially your skin.

According to a survey done at the Sleep School in London in collaboration with a bed company called Bensons for Beds, sleeping six hours or less can dramatically affect your physical appearance and this negative effect is visible within a week.

This study included 11,000 participants. One of the participants, Sarah Challmers, slept only 6 hours for 5 days.  She was constantly tired, hungry, temperamental and absentminded. The pores of her skin were doubled in size and she had dramatically more red areas than before. So, the lack of sleep can significantly change your physical appearance.

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Source: Steth News

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