Did you know that Coca-Cola is one of the most popular products in the world and one of the top brands in history? Nevertheless, the acidity that this beverage contains is almost the same as the acidity that batteries contain. The Coca-Cola has been proven to be an excellent household cleaning agent. Since that is true, than this drink is nothing but a definite poison for our bodies.
People who regularly consume Coca-Cola or other sodas suffer a greater risk of heart failure and stroke, unlike people who never or rarely consume them.
A study published by the journal Respirology, stated that drinking Coke and other soft drinks can cause severe breathing irregularities, asthma as well as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
Practical uses of Coke
According to some studies the pH level of certain sodas is around 2.5. As a comparison, the water pH level is 7 and the battery acid pH level is 1. This all points to the fact that Coke and any other soda of that group should be avoided because they are what makes our teeth decay and they can cause even more damage to the mouth.
Instead of drinking, try using Coke as a household cleaner. It is better and practical to use Coke as a domestic cleaner than to consume it. Additionally, here’s a list that contains 20 different ways of using Coke as a detergent.
1. It removes grease stains and spots from fabric
2. It removes blood stains from fabric and clothes
3. It is effective against rust. Soak a sponge in some Coke and apply it in the rusty area.
4. Cleans burnt pans. Pour some Coke in your pan and leave it for a while and then rinse it with some water
5. Coke removes oil stains from the floor
6. The acid in Coke can kill snails and slugs
7. It descales kettles. Apply the same technique as with the burnt pan.
8. Coke is very effective with car battery terminals
9. It cleans old metal coins. Soak the coins in Coke and it will remove the corrosion and recover their shine

10. Clean your engine. This technique has been used for decades by Coca-Cola distributors..
11, It maintains and cleans kitchen tiles. Pour onto the kitchen floor and leave it for some time.
12. Coke is strong enough to dissolve a tooth
13. It can removes dye from your hair. Just put Coke on your hair, then rinse
14. Coke can removes chewing gum from hair. Soak your hair in a bowl filled with Coke, wait for a while then remove the gum
15. It can eliminates stains from porcelain and vitreous china
16. 2 litres of Coke are just enough to clean a rusty swimming pool
17. Coke can strips paint from metal furniture. Soak a towel in Coke and apply it onto the paint
18. Marker stains can be removed by applying Coke on the carpet and shampooing it later by scrubbing
19. You can use Coke to clean your toilet. Pour it around the bowl, and leave it on for a few minutes. Rinse and then rinse
20. If you combine it with aluminium foil it will make Chrome shiny
Buy a Coke for your home, and you will never need another cleaning agent again.
If a Coke can do this to your house, think about what it will do to your stomach.
What happens to your body after drinking Coke?
10 minutes after consuming Cola- phosphoric acid absorbs the sugar which is a key ingredient of Cola.
20 minutes after consuming Cola- blood insulin elevates drastically.
40 minutes after consuming Cola – caffeine enters your body, dilates the eye pupils, and raises the blood pressure. Adenosine receptors are blocked and drowsiness is prevented.
45 minutes after consuming Cola – the dopamine hormone is released and it can activate the pleasure area in the brain.  This is exactly the same as when using heroin.
1 hour after consuming Cola – you start to release calcium through urine. Your metabolism is supercharged because the phosphoric acid binds with zinc, magnesium and calcium in your digestive system.
Source: houseofhealth
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