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This is a story about young woman named Amanda Booth, a 28 years old mother of a three children who died of cancer because she ignored some simple symptoms and was too afraid to take a cervix test.
Because of her fear to get a vaginal smear, she didn’t catch the early stage of her cervix cancer. When she discovered the disease it was to late because the illness was already spread around her body. She noticed it only after severe bleeding from her vagina.
Due to the fact that her disease was in the last stage, she decided not to take chemotherapy and radiation because the cancer was too developed and was unbeatable.
Her case has a strong message to open your mind to make you aware the situation and never ignore the symptoms that they are actually life threatening. Always check any serious symptom with your doctor and take them seriously. Especially the ones below.

  • These are the symptoms she had:
  • Feeling vaginal pains during sex
  • Bleeding out of the menstrual cycle
  • Feeling pain during urinating
  • Liquid with bad smell flown out from the vagina

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Source: healthzone
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