3 Types of Headaches That You Should Never Ignore – Healthy Tips Advice

Headaches are by far the most widely experienced symptom of people and this comes unexpectedly because of course you cannot teach or control the brain to let you experience a headache unless the brain itself is actually affected and tired.
Here we give you an informative approach to a list of the types of a headache:
Acute sinus infections are the underlying cause of a sinus headache. This type of headache exhibits along with the symptoms such as a runny nose and fever and even a pain in the nose and eyes. Sinus headaches can range from mild to severe, and the best treatment for this is the intake of sinus medications and over the counter pain relievers.

The most common type of a headache is a tension headache. This type of a headache is reported likely to have been experienced by 90% of people one in their lifetime. The tension in the body namely in the upper back muscles caused by fatigue and stress, or tightness in the muscles of the upper back and neck are symptoms of this type of a headache.
This type of pain is mild to moderate and manifests itself through a dull pressure or tightness in the forehead. Natural relaxation methods like yoga, meditation, massage, nap or over the counter pain relievers are the treatment options you could do.


There is a type of a headache called cluster headaches which are considered rare because it only affects .1% of the population. These are called such due to the occurrence of headaches which comes in clusters daily over several weeks. It starts when an excruciating pain behind the eye is felt that usually starts shortly after sleep. Doctors believed that this occurs due to the involvement of the hypothalamus which is the one responsible for a person’s body clock.
The treatment for this type of a headache includes nerve blocks, melatonin, and medications.

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