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Ovarian Cancer, often called as a silent killer, develops when cells from ovaries form tumors which turn to be malignant.

It is mostly common in post-menopausal woman, however, it shows no signs. Many may even get confused of some symptoms of it as another lighter disease. Therefore, regular check-ups are a must to raise chances of survival.

Here are 4 symptoms that may be a sign of Ovarian Cancer:

1. Lower and Abdominal Pelvic Pain

Persistent pain which lasts for more than three weeks can be a sign of Ovarian Cancer. This usually happens during menstrual period for pre-menopausal women.

2. Increased Need to Urinate

You find it hard to hold your pee. This happens when you found yourself going to the toilet more than the usual even without any changes to the liquid that you are taking up.

3. Persistent Bloating

Continuous and repeated bloating for more than 3 consecutive weeks specifies a cancerous tumor growth.

4. Difficulty in Eating

A sudden drop of appetite for more than three consecutive weeks can be a sign of  cancer that everyone should be aware of. Consult your doctor.

Source: Read and Digest
Image: Net Doctor

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