Many factors affect our general wellbeing. Unhealthy diet and not being physically active can cause toxins to stay trapped in your body. But you can check your body; there are 4 symptoms that point out when your body is loaded with toxins.
Bad breath
Bad breath that comes from the oral cavity is another indications that the body is full of toxins. You can be sure you are dealing with a bacterium you have in your mouth or your stomach and liver are unable to process all the toxins. In order to get rid of bad breath you need to brush your tongue with a toothbrush and chew on some parsley

Hormonal problems, bad diet and too many toxins in the blood can lead to more fat and being overweight. Gaining a lot of weight all of a sudden can be an indicator that your body needs to get detoxified.
Certain Smells Bother You
When your liver is filled with toxins it cannot work properly, so you have problem smelling perfumes, smoke or other aromas. This makes your senses more sensitive and each smell can cause terrible headache.
Frequent Urination
Visiting the bathroom frequently is a clear sign that the body is full of toxins. But fortunately this is the best way to remove them from the body.
If you face such problem, drink more liquids, teas and probiotics that will improve the intestinal micro flora and eliminate toxins faster.
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