4 Things You Do that Harm your Brain and Could Lead to Brain Damage – Healthy Tips Advice

Our brain is the body’s boss. It is responsible for controlling functions, movements, sensations, and thoughts. It is like a computer with several systems depending on it. With this in mind, it should be well taken cared of. It doesn’t need to demand that because we should initiate to live a life of good health and mental well-being.

Although we all want this, we do things the other way around and we tend to harm our brains. We give you a list things you do that actually harm your brain:
Smoking is never good for your health. This is a fact. When you smoke, your lungs are not only the organ that is affected but your brain too. It decreases oxygen supply in the brain which is bad. The blood supply is reduced in the carotid artery (blood vessel responsible for supplying blood to the brain).


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should never ignore it. Don’t ever deprive your body of anything that is good for you. Ditch the skip and keep your body fueled. Remember, if your blood sugar is kept very well, the brain functions well too.


The brain has its limits too. It doesn’t have an eternal memory that your body can depend on. Yes, it stores as long as it could but registering too much information could make it tired. Remember that it is a fact that our only small amounts of information in the short-term memory can be held by our brains.
Unfortunately, the brain is affected by constant negative vibes roaming around. Remember, what you feed grows. And if you constantly feed on your sadness then the brain might get used to it and then your whole body from the inside out gets affected. Try to be more positive and happy because it helps greatly in so many ways.
With the information given above, have second thoughts now to stop these bad habits and try to enhance your brain’s function in healthy ways you could do!

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