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Back in the day, our grandparents didn’t have a lot of beauty salons.  What they had were a bunch of all-natural recipes which they used to rejuvenate their skin.
How did they achieve this?
The following article is about the time-tested natural remedies that’ll give you perfect skin. Indeed, these easy tips will stretch out and smoothen all your wrinkles like rubber!
Read these 5 all-natural remedies you can use to smoothen your skin!
1. Berry Juice
– You may use cranberries, redcurrant or pretty much any kind of berry.
– Squeeze a fistful of the berries into juice
– Take a clean gauze, soak in the juice and apply on your face.
– Let stand for 15 minutes
– Rinse face afterwards
2. Lemon Juice 
(Skip if allergic to citrus fruit)
– Make a mask consisting of sour cream and lemon juice
– Mix proportionately 1:1
– Apply mixture on your face
– Leave for 15 minutes
– Rinse face afterwards

3. Garlic
– Garlic has essential oils that help whiten skin and remove dark spots
– Chop 1/2 clove of garlic
– Rub face with clove several times a day
– Rinse afterwards if the smell of garlic bothers you
4. Baking Soda
– Combine some baking soda with water, honey or lemon to make a paste
– Different substances have different results on skin. Water removes dead skin. Honey fights bacteria and moisturizes skin. Lemon has vitamin C which acts as a bleaching agent.
– Apply paste to the face’s problem area.
– (Optional) Massage face
– Rinse face afterwards
5. Zinc and Selenium 
– Zinc and Selenium are important for skin health
– Dark spots appear when deficient in either one element
– Foods that contain these elements are: corn, dried fruit, fish, lentils, liver, milk, oats, seafood, and sesame.
Remember to consult a doctor before you try out these healthy tips!
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