5 Foods You Should Never Put In The Freezer – HealthyTipsAdvice

It is quite natural for all of us to want to preserve and protect the foods we purchase. With that in mind, we always think that the best way to do that is by putting them in our refrigerators.

However, there are certain foods which should never be placed in the fridge.

Below, we have put together an extended list of such foods. The results and certain entries, may surprise you.


Because they retain nutrients better outside the fridge, bananas should never be placed inside the refrigerator. Bananas are better kept on the counter until they ripen. The cold temperatures actually slow down the ripening process of the bananas.


Placing your onions inside your refrigerator will eventually end up turning them moldy and soft. Unpeeled onions should be kept out of plastic bags and fridge. One of the reasons for this is because unpeeled onions require and need air exposure for maximum life. If you have peeled an onion though, then you should keep it in the fridge, in a covered container.


Frozen milk will be lumpy when you thaw it, so freezing it is not the best idea if you want to drink it straight.


Because potatoes have a high water content, ice crystals will form when you put whole, raw ones in the freezer. You’ll be left with a mushy potato when you go to thaw it. Potatoes are best kept in a cool, dry place.


With cheese’s long fridge life, there’s really no need to put it in the freezer. If you put a hard cheese in the freezer, it will turn crumbly and mealy.

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