5 Health Benefits of Golden Berry (Tino-Tino) That Everyone Should Know – Healthy Tips Advice

Physalis peruviana or golden berries are berries that originated from South Africa and could also be found in the Europe.

These marble-sized berries are yellowish in color which is comparable to eggplants and tomatoes rather than other berries (e.g. blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc.) they are actually like vegetables in nature than being considered a fruit.
Here are 5 reasons why golden berries are so good for our health and are considered beneficial:
Goldenberries ah e been found to have high carotenoid content which makes it often recommended for your eye health. As we age, carotenoids keep our vision at its optimum functional work by eliminating oxidative stress at the ocular system thus start of macular degeneration is slowed and the development of cataracts is prevented.

Withanolides, an organic compound which is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that slows down or reverses the metastasis or spread of cancer cells throughout the body and induces automatic cell death (apoptosis). They may be rare topics being discussed but is said to have been found in golden berries.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is widely known to have found in citrus fruits but little do we know that it could also be found in golden berries. Tha function of Vitamin C in our bodies is to stimulate leukocytes or white blood cells production and also in collagen production. With this hand in hand, it helps in the production and repair of various cells, tissues, organs and blood vessels. Thus, golden berries boost our body’s immune system.


The main cause of Diabetes is an elevated blood sugar level or something that is totally high beyond the normal. This imposes a great danger for life when a person suffers from Diabetes. The compounds found in goldenberries delays the intake and breakdown of simple sugars from carbohydrates. Thus, insulin receptors are in control of the proper sugar level in the bloodstream.

Our bodies contain good and bad cholesterol. We always want to eliminate the bad. With the help of golden berries intake, the amount of bad cholesterol in our bodies is decreased and in turn, equalizes the level of cholesterol in the body to assure the health of the heart in various ways.

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