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Onion is described as around vegetable which is usually white, yellow, or red and has a strong smell and taste. It is a widely cultivated Asian herb (Allium cepa) of the lily family with pungent edible bulbs. 

It has antibiotic and antiseptic properties that boost your immune system. It also contains a huge amount of antioxidant named Quercetin which aids the body in combatting free radicals. These properties of onion have made it known to be a wonder vegetable. 
Here is a list of some of your health concerns with a home remedy using onions:

If you have allergies, insect stings such as bee or wasp stings can be fatal for you. If you are stung by a wasp or bee, the first thing you should do is to remove the offender. Then crush a piece of onion and apply it on the affected area once you have removed the stinger. You will notice that the pain and a swollen area will be gone soon.


Have you ever experienced being slightly deaf for a while? Maybe because you might have clogged ears which prevent you from hearing things clearly. If you do, try using the soft core of the onion with a piece of cloth then put it on your ear canal’s entrance. Simply put it on the outer ear part and don’t push it through inside. Leave it overnight and it will do its work in softening the wax accumulation so that by the next day removing the wax would be easier for you.

Onions absorb heat and when you are suffering from high body temperature, do not hesitate to put onion slices in your socks. This has been a home remedy used by all ages which have proven to work.


As mentioned earlier, onions are loaded with the antioxidant Quercetin which helps you detoxify your body. Onions eaten raw gives best results.

Onions have antiseptic properties which help in relieving you of burns. If you place a half slice of onion on the burnt area, you will be amazed by the wonder it works since pain will subside quickly.

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