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Onions, aside from giving spice to our dishes, is a very good treatment for various health issues. 

 Its huge amount of sulfur provides the antibiotic and antiseptic properties of onion. It also has antioxidant Qeurectin which fights against free radicals.

Onion juice can be used as an expectorant for respiratory problems. It is also great for cholesterol levels, heart, arthritis, and even for diabetes. 

Here are the list of health issues onions can resolve: 

1. High body temperature

Place onions slices in your socks when you suffers from high body temperature. This is effective in lowering your heat.  

2. Clogged Ears

Get rid of the soft core of the onion with the use of cloth and put it at the entrance of your ear canal, but do not push it too far inside. Leave the piece during the entire night; it will eventually soften the wax accumulation and it will make it easier for you to get rid of it.

3. Burns

If you ever burn yourself out, slice an onion and immediately apply one-half on the burn with the cut side down. 

4. Insect stings

When a bee stings you, you should try to remove the stinger first. When you have it removed, crush a piece of onion, and apply it on the affected area. 

 5. Detoxification

Consume it raw and it will help your body remove toxins.

Source: Read and Digest
Image: Live Science

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