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You have all met someone that is a bully, at work, at school, everywhere. However, a bully can reside at place where you do not expect at all, within yourself. If you find yourself developing such personality, make sure your examine yourself and try to change.

Here is a list of bullying behaviors and the way how you should combat them.

1. Control

Such people need to control others as a result of their own insecurity and could not raise their own self-esteem but turn to others. Bullies tend to control every situation, every person and will strive to ruin other confidence only to improve their own. They satisfy themselves only with power. If you have some similar side of your personality, it is high time to self-examine. What makes you feel like that? When you will be aware of the reason, try to confront such people.

2. Victim to Impulses

These people can’t control their emotions and when experiencing some negative emotions they do not care about their words of consequences. In such situations, they can easily hurt other’s feelings.

Make sure you recognize your fears but do not let them control you.

3. No Empathy

A lack of empathy can be a result of a feeling of distress and it can further cause an emotional outburst. These people create a distance with other people and do not see them as individuals, but see them as target to cause some suffering.

However, they can gain back others’ empathy by respecting other’s individuality, to open towards them,  to  try to feel their pain and create a feeling of peace and comfort.

4. Zero Accountability

Bullies always act as victims in every situation and do not take any responsibility for their actions and words. They always have someone to blame for something they did it. If they hurt someone in such situations, it is not their fault.

In such case, they should show some accountability for their actions and admit the reasons for that negative situation.

5. Intolerance

Bullies divide people as “those who like me” and “those who don’t”. The second group is always criticized and persecuted because of the stereotyped and prejudiced differences. This is a very common detrimental thinking that can be found in many areas of life, from social life to religion.

They can overcome this negative feeling by allowing other people to have their own point of view no matter how different and stop attacking others with different beliefs.

Stay healthy and positive! Share and make your loved ones aware!

Source: David Wolfe

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