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One should practice to shower everyday and to change underwear in a regular basis. However, some people still fails to do such for some reasons. This, however, implies health issues that may cause us mild to severe complications. 

Here are some of the consequences for not changing underwear regularly:

1. Genital will start to smell different

Absence of fresh air because of day old undies may cause malodorous smell coming out from your genital. Some scents are normal, but there are those which are alarming that you should never tolerate. 

2. Yeast Infection

Your underwear sweats, that’s why you have to change it regulary. Yeast and bacteria grow in moist area. Their growth down there may cause you some infection. 

3. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

If you wear the same underwear for a long time, chances may happen when bacterium may get into your urinary tract. Constituent part of feces may be left in your underwear, germs may build up and find their way to your other genital. 

4. Sores or Rashes

Bacteria in your undies may cause you disturbing ang itchy rashes. This may lead to something severe and long-lasting. 

5. Itchiness

Dirty underwear has bacteria that can cause mild to severe itchiness.  

Source: Read and Digest
Image: Central Readers

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