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Doctor Willie Ong is a popular figure on Facebook with over 1,700,000+ followers.
He regularly posts various health tips and advice on his official page for free.
Dr. Ong recently posted these tips on how you can check for anomalies in your cholesterol – as well as lowering it
Here are 5 simple tips to lower cholesterol:
1. Properly check blood tests
-Re-check tests as sometimes human error is at fault for outrageous numbers 
-Make sure not to eat for 10 hours prior to a blood test 
-Have your blood checked again after 2 months of diet and exercise
2. Eat right
-Medicine for cholesterol can be expensive and may have side-effects
-Healthy foods like oatmeal, beans (monggo), and other vegetables can help reduce cholesterol levels.
-Try to avoid fatty and fried foods like butter, pastries, cakes, meat, etc. If you still like fat on your meals then trim the fat off of meat like pork before cooking. The healthier option is using fish fat which has omega-3 oils.

3. Exercise

-Try to maintain an exercise routine 3 to 5 times in a week, for 30 minutes to one hour. 

4. Try all-natural alternative treatment
-Eating garlic can potentially reduce blood cholesterol by 9 to 12%
-Drinking Omega-3 fish oil can also help.
5. Buy cholesterol medicine 

-If your cholesterol levels don’t show improvement after 2 months of exercise and diet, then it’s fine to start purchasing maintenance drugs.
-Generic medicines for cholesterol are Atorvastatin, Rosuvastatin,  or  Simvastatin

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