6 Foods That Can Fight and Stop The Spread of Cancer Cells into your Body – Healthy Tips Advice

Cancer is one of the most dreaded disease human beings have been avoiding to have since some of its types have no actual cure. In fact, it has been classified as a disease to undergo cell growth without control. 

Our goal is to help you prevent the growth of cancer in your body and here is a list of 6 superfoods which can do such:

In a recent research study, it was said that the chances of having prostate cancer are decreased by at least 50% for men who have frequently eaten tomatoes.Tomatoes hinder unwanted cell growth, and it is very well known to be packed with lycopene.
Lycopene is distributed all throughout the body especially in the gut wherein it aids in breaking down fats. In higher temperatures, this substance’ concentration is even greater which is why cooked tomatoes are noted to be effective in the prevention of cancer development. 


Dark chocolate does not only satisfy your sweet cravings but can be beneficial to your health. It could improve your heart’s health and have shown to combat against cancer cells.

Green tea and coffee both contain caffeine and waken you up like crazy if consumed more than the recommended dose. But little did we know that it could have a significant role in the reduction of cancer development in people. 


Turmeric is widely known to have lots of health benefits and is now being consumed by a lot of people who have attested to its wondrous effects. It can decrease fat levels in the body and is also used for cancer prevention too. 


For ovarian cancer, these two types of berries are consumed due to it anti-cancer properties and the phytochemicals it contains that prevents the growth of cancer cells in the body.

Whether soursop can be used alone for treating cancer is debatable. However, there is absolutely no doubt about its usefulness as an effective anti-cancer agent. The facts about soursop that have recently come to light give cancer patients options that were not previously available. They can use soursop as a part of natural anti-cancer therapy or use it along with chemotherapy drugs.

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