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Surely, it had happened to you to come back home after a long and exhausting day, to lay on your bad with your clothes on, and just to fall asleep at the same minute. We can fall asleep without taking off our jeans, shirt, and even our bra.
But, do you know which health effects can have the wearing of bra while sleeping? You surely do not think that wearing a bra to bed can be harmful, but actually it can cause numerous health issues.
Here are six reasons why you should take off your bra while sleeping:
It May Result in Breast Fungus
Regularly wearing an ill-fitting bras to bed can create the perfect warm and moist environment that fungi loves to breed on. The development of breast fungus can occur easily because most women are wearing non-fitting bras. Actually, this is more likely if you are wearing a bra while sleeping.
It Causes Restlessness
Being constricted, even slightly, can affect your sleep. Much like wearing clothing to bed that’s too much tight, wearing a bra can cause restlessness due to irritation that you may not even realize. Wearing a bra to bed can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

It Impedes Circulation
When you sleep in your bra, especially if your bra has underwire, your circulation suffers. If the wire is too tight against your skin, your muscles will be constricted, affecting the circulation of the nerves in your arms. Wearing a snug-fitting bra to bed, including a sports bra, can hurt breast tissue due to constantly restricted circulation.
It May Cause Hyperpigmentation
Hyperpigmentation is a condition of uneven skin tone, discoloration, or dark spots which usually occurs as a result of increased levels of the pigment responsible for the skin color, known as melanin. Bras that are too tight can cause hyperpigmentation by constantly rubbing against your skin, causing friction, irritation and damaging your skin.
It Affects the Physiology of the Breast
Wearing a constrictive bra to bed can negatively affect the lymphatic system. A too-tight bra can disrupt the lymphatic drainage and blood flow, and lead to fluid retention, and chronic inflammation.. The Lymph glands help remove toxins from the breast area, so impaired lymph drainage can negatively affect liver, kidneys and other parts of the body by keeping toxins in, instead of pushing them out.
It Causes Skin Irritation
Wearing a bra while sleeping can easily cause skin irritation. The hooks and straps can protrude into your skin, eventually causing lesions or even cysts if left for too much, particularly if the bra is underwire. While you may not notice any discomfort while falling asleep, your body is sure to suffer irritation throughout the night.
So, if you are one of those who sleep in their bra, we recommend you to make a change in order to protect your health!

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