Fertility problems are largely and widely associated with females. However a recent study showed that even half of the cases of infertility were as a result of poor lifestyle choices by men. Erectile dysfunction is caused by smoking.
The quality and quantity of the sperm may be disrupted by Bisphenol A, a compound that is found in plastic bottles and cans, which acts as an endocrine disruptor.
Alcohol consumption 
Men who are drinking 5 drinks every day, are at substantially higher risk of damaging their sperm quality.
Putting your cell phone in a pocket   
The vibrations and radiations that are coming out of the cell phones may reduce the sperm count by 9 percent. If you intend to become a father someday, if is highly recommended to put your phone in the back pocket.

Being a smoker 
You can become impotent by reducing blood flow to your private parts because of decreased blood vessels due to smoking.
The quality of the sperm is directly connected with degrading quality, but also your overall health and state of mind define its quality.
Being overweight – obese male have significantly decreased fertility.
Spending time in high temperature 
Researchers explain that male testicles love a temperature which is 4 degrees lower than the body temperature in order to produce sperms. If you are exposed to very high temperatures, for example if you are welder, your sperm count alarmingly will decrease.
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