When you feel bloated and heavy, then it is the real time to devote yourself on making a healthy eating habits. If you want to get flat stomach you must follow these tips:
1. Position and Chewing
The main factor while you are eating is to be seated and to chew slowly with close mouth. The longer the chewing is, the less you eat.
2. Stay Away from Juices and Drinks
Carbonated drinks, sweetened fruit juices and sweetened mineral are abundant in calories and they bloat your stomach. That is why you must drink water when you are thirsty.
3. You Should Avoid Artificial Sweeteners
These artificial sweeteners include mannitol, lactitol and sorbitol. They are digested in the intestines in the stomach, where a lot of bacteria feed on them. Because of this reason the abdomen and the intestines create additional emissions that make the digestion difficult. It is best to use brown sugar, but in small amounts.

4. You Should Be Careful With The Resistant Starch
According to some rules the starch is easy to digest, but there is a starch which is resistant to the food digestive enzymes. 
The starch fails to be absorbed in the small intestine, so the underdone starch passes into the colon. Just because of this starch, the intestines are often bloated. This kind of starch is found in beans, bananas, rice, potatoes and mushrooms.
5. You Should Drink Probiotics
Yogurt has good bacteria that help in the digestion to lower the amount of air in the intestines. Researchers from the University of Manchester have confirmed that the probiotics reduce the flatulence and the stomach.
6. You Should Limit Salt Consumption
Experts claim that reducing the amount of salt that you consume, of only 3 grams per day can significantly reduce the bloating of the stomach. Salt binds with water and cause bloating. The bulk of the amount of salt can be found in snacks, chips and in all spicy food.
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