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Breast pain and tenderness is not always an indications of breast cancer. There are periods in women’s life where their breasts hurt and become lumpy or tender. This can happen anytime during the menstrual period.
Mastalgia is the medical term that describes breast pain. It can be cyclic or noncyclic. Cyclic pain usually means hormonal change, and this is in the frames of a normal, monthly cycle. In addition, breast pain is usually accompanied with armpit or arms pain and it is usually occurs in younger women and disappears upon menopause.
Noncyclic pain usually happens in one breast and it affects women older than 30. It is manifested with burning sensation and sharp pain. Usually, noncyclic pain is caused by a breast fibro adenoma or a breast cyst.
Here are 7 reasons why your breast hurt.

Menstruation-caused hormonal change
Changes in reproductive hormones occur every month during the menstrual cycle. This can cause breast tenderness and pain, as well as soreness. It goes like this: hormone fluctuation leads to estrogen deficiency which then leads to breast pain.

Lumpy breasts
A lump on the breast might sometimes indicate breast cancer, but that’s not always the case. Lumps can be a result of hormonal change and imbalance. Also it might signal fluid-filled cyst presence, but again, not always.
Wrong, uncomfortable bra
Never wear a bra that is super tight or smaller or its cup size is smaller. This can cause discomfort and pain which disappears right after you switch to a normal, proper bra for your breast size.
Contraception, infertility or menopausal medications cause hormonal imbalance and disrupt the estrogen and progesterone production. This leads to unbearable breast tenderness and pain.
Fatty acid imbalance
When your body experiences a fatty acid imbalance, it affects the breast issue and hormone circulation. Fatty acids are found in fish and primrose oil most, so try using them more often if you experience breast pain. When you compensate for the fatty acid you lack, the pain will be relieved immediately.
Don’t be surprised if your breast and armpits hurt like crazy after you’ve done a lot of push-ups. This is due to lack of muscle support during heavy exercises. Nonetheless, this pain will go away as soon as your muscles strengthen and you start exercising regularly.
Breast structure
Needless to say, if you have breast cancer, a cyst, a prior breast surgery, it will cause pain. More precisely, it will cause noncyclic pain.
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