7 Signs You Are Starting to Live in the Fifth Dimension – HealthyTipsAdvice

Have you ever wondered if you’re living in the fifth dimension? 

We’re here with seven signs that can help you tell.

1. You’ll feel more joy, lightness of being, love, and wonder in daily life.

2. You’ll find yourself letting go of negative issues more easily and quickly

3. You’ll better notice and experience the world as a beautiful place, courtesy your more finely attuned senses

4. You’ll better notice the fluidity of time, that it is both illusory and eternal

5. You’ll regularly notice “miracles” – the unexplainable doesn’t need explanation, and you’ll see it more often around you
6. Divine guidance will surround you, and you’ll realize you’re part of something much greater than yourself
7. You’ll feel connected to your true multi-dimensional self, not simply the plane of existence you’re aware of in this 3d world.

 As you feel yourself being more aware of these seven signs around you, embrace them. The future is here.

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