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Dalanghita is a mandarin orange that contains green fruits that eventually turns to yellow, greenish yellow or orange.

Its fruit is also known as hesperidiums that have unfastened skin and rubbery pericarp with a very sweet and delicious pulp. 

Here are the helpful benefits of Dalanghita that might help you:

1. Stomach Problem

The oil that is extracted from its bitter rind may be used for stomach problems, as well as a liniment for gout, rheumatism and other painful inflammation.

2.Rich in Potassium

This contains huge amount of potassium that could actually lower the blood pressure, reduce the risk of kidney stones and assist in decreasing bone loss. 

3. Vitamin C

This fruit obviously contains Vitamin C that is helpful for the formation of healthy bones and teeth. It also could increase the resistance of the body against infection.

4. Reduce Blood Cholesterol

It has fiber that could actually assists in reducing the level of blood cholesterol and may lower the risk of having heart disease.

5. Anorexia and Vomiting

Make a decoction out of its rind and add some fresh stem of ginger and consume it.

6. Rich in Fiber

It is essential in the proper function of bowel. It assists in lessening constipation and diverticulosis. It also aids the formation of red blood cells. 

7. Rich in Folic Acid

This is helpful for pregnant woman for it actually decreases the chance of neural tube defects, spina bifida, as well as anencephaly during fetal development.

8. Boiled leaves as Lotion

Boled leaves contains pain-soothing effects when applied to pain and other inflammations.

Source: Read and Digest 
Image: Healthy Tips

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