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Mouth cancer is the type of cancer that may happen to anyone. Even if this disease pose higher risk for smokers, everyone is still prone of having it. 

That’s why everyone must be aware of the signs mouth cancer can show to us before it get severe as some of which are often ignored. 

Here are the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer that you have to know:

1. Loose Teeth

You teeth may feel quite jiggly. A doctor’s advice is needed to confirm if this is caused by cancer.

2. Lumps and Thick Patches

Lumps and thick patches of the skin inside the mouth is a sign of a developing cancer.  Bubbles and ridges, or calluses can also form in your tongue. 

3. Sores on/in your Mouth

These are commonly white or red flat, painless patches in the inside flesh of your mouth. They don’t usually hurt but may bleed unknowingly. When you got sores that lasts for more than three weeks, consult your doctor.

4. Trouble Moving your Jaw

Jaw pain is a usual symptom but when it is accompanied by swelling and your teeth feels like not fitting together properly.

5. Lump in your Throat

A lump in your throat, also known as “globus sensation” is the feeling of having something that stays in your throat that you cannot swallow. Swallowing, oftentimes, becomes hard. 

But you must take note that this may not be always be a plain sensation but a real mass that blocks your throat. 

6. Thick or Slurred Speech
Your voice may suddenly becomes guttural or scratchy. This indicates problem in your tongue or lips. 

7. Pain in one Ear

You may feel pain in one of your ears might be an sign of a developing cancer in your mouth. Your ears notice the pain in your mouth for it has a nerve that communicates with the back of the tongue. 

8. Numbness in your Mouth or Tongue

The numbness in your mouth  indicates lost of sensation in just one part of your mouth such as the cheek of the tip of your tongue or lost of the sense of taste. 

Patch of abnormal cells may have interrupted nerve signals. Numbness may be felt when you feel like drooling or difficulty in chewing.

Source: Read and Digest
Image: Medical News Today

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