8 Ways To Use Lemon As Medicine For Different Health Problems – Healthy Tips Advice

When you hear someone says Vitamin C, what pops into your head? Lemon is one of the things you’d surely think if we are not mistaken. Of course, lemons contain loads of vitamin C. It is commonly known for this and you just cannot deny it.

You can get almost half of your daily vitamin C needs by just even an intake of a half lemon. What a great deal right?!
Together with its Vitamin C content, it also contains traces of Vitamin B complex, magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, and even iron. With its explicit content at hand, it could really cause some serious medicinal effects beneficial for our bodies. You’re on the right page to know more about this!
Here is how lemon could help you from head to toe:


Lemons help in reducing and easing headache by rubbing a slice of lemon in your forehead or in your temples. You may also sip a lemon tea or a hot tea added with three teaspoons of lemon juice. As for insomnia, just drink water mixed with lemon juice before sleeping at night for a couple of days.

Sore throats are sometimes associated with viruses and our bodies require a load of Vitamin C. Since lemon is truly rich in Vitamin C, then it is one great energizer and immunity booster. To eliminate the cold virus, drink a lukewarm water mixed with fresh lemon juice every two hours. Another way is to gargle three times a day a mixture of lemon juice and a teaspoon of salt in a glass of lukewarm water.


Lemon has its benefits on people having problems with constipation and diarrhea. With lemon’s amazing properties pertaining to electrolyte balance in the body and a mild laxative, it truly helps flush out body waste. It relieves you off of disturbing bowel movement and eases it, thus restoring its regularity. With this, parasites and germs causing diarrhea are eliminated. Eat lemon with the peel or simply drink lemon juice in no particular time.

Unlike salicylic acid, the ascorbic acid is way better organic. It is a natural corn remover and you don’t need a strong chemical to remove such. Simply place a piece of a lemon rim on the area where the corn is and to hold it in place, a gauze is used for covering. Leaving it overnight softens the corn and it will just fall off from the skin.

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