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Low blood pressure is different with anemia. Anemia caused by a deficiency of hemoglobin (red blood cells), whereas hypotension is a condition when the blood pressure is below normal. Causes of Hypotension among others lose a lot of fluids, diarrhea, bleeding, hormonal factors, etc. So, to treat hypotension should know the cause first. Do not underestimate the time your blood pressure is low, immediately treat it right. Several cases of patients experienced hypotension caused by a sudden fainting. Well, if the body fell down in a dangerous place, of course very undesirable.

 This article discusses about How to increase blood pressure naturally, after we discussed about How to Reduce Hypertension Naturally. There are several types of food that can be consumed to treat low blood pressure. What are these foods? Find out how to naturally overcome hypotension following:

9 Natural Ways to Treat Low Blood Pressure

1. Chicken
Chicken meat contains animal protein needed by the body for the formation of cells, including cells in the blood vessels. We recommend that you add salt to the food. It can increase your blood pressure and your body fluids.

2. Legumes
Red beans, green beans and chickpeas well to increase your blood pressure. This is because our digestive system to digest the food slowly, so that the blood pressure rises. Nuts are also classified as foods containing wheat vegetable fat. This is better than animal fat, because apart easily digested by the body, also lower the risk of bad cholesterol. Likewise, salt is very good for improving the speed of red blood cell production and raises blood pressure.

3. Bread And Wheat
Body’s need for iron can be met by consuming bread and wheat. Both provide 20% iron. Consume them regularly can reduce the risk of hypotension.

4. Drink plenty of water
One cause of hypotension is a lack of body fluids. Drink 8 glasses of water to keep the body hydrated. Drinking water with sufficient levels also helps the metabolic processes of the body, good for your health.

5. Cut down on sugar and avoid liquor
Both of these drinks can increase blood pressure dramatically. This needs to be avoided, as it can result in sudden headache, unconscious. Most sugars also can trigger the disease. Alcohol can damage your nervous system.

6. Coffee
Drinking coffee can proportionally increase a person’s blood pressure. This caused increased cardiac performance. We recommend that you do not overdo the drinking, because the side effects are not good for health. If you have any problems with stomach acid, you should avoid drinking coffee. You can increase blood pressure in another way that is safe for your stomach.

7. Spinach
Spinach contains potassium, a mineral that is beneficial to maintain blood pressure. Spinach also contains folate which can soften the blood vessels so that blood circulation smoothly. Begin to incorporate green vegetables into your daily diet to get the nutrients.

8. Avoid using hot water bath
Shower with hot water causes the blood pressure to decrease. Another effect is the body weakness, headache, and underpowered.

9. Regular Exercise
Regular exercise is an absolute requirement for a healthy life, is no exception hypotension. Regular exercise causes the blood circulation smoothly. If your blood flow smoothly, the less likely your blood pressure decreases. You need to get used to a healthy lifestyle, with regular exercise and scheduled. In the midst of solid activity, a time to exercise every day. Optimum body fat burning takes place, with the exercise. Harmful toxins in the body can be released through sweat during exercise.

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