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At first you might not realize how it could have space for a skyscraper with 40 floors and has a river and jungle inside.

In Vietnam, the Son Doong cave is the biggest one in the world and a tour inside is filled with beauty you’ve never seen. The humongous cave is located in a Vietnamese national park, Phon Nha-Ke Bang, about 280 miles south from Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi. There is a nice video below, so don’t miss out on watching it!

In Vietnamese, Son Going means “mountain-river-cave” and dates all the way back 2-5 million years ago. It wasn’t discovered until 1991 when a local farmer came across it. The first people to conduct the cave exploration was by British experts in 2009. 

The whole cave is 87 miles long! 
It has its very own river, lakes, rainforest, beaches and wildlife. 
Many caves have their very own artifacts from prehistoric times, like paintings or statues on the walls of the caves. In this cave, nothing like that was discovered. 
Tourists began to visit this cave in 2013.
You can tag along in a guided tour that takes a week and costs about $2300 (1500 BP). This price will equate to a 5-night camping trip in the beautiful, majestic cave. 
The Son Doong cave is abundant in rare pearls that have gone through centuries of shaping by water drops that dry and create a lime layer on the sand. 
You must watch the drone footage below!
Also, this river has eroded a mass amount of limestone UNDER a mountain. This has created many collapses and huge skylights. The cave was named after a survey expedition in 2009 done by the British Cave Research Association.


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