A Woman`s Sleeping Position Reveals A Lot About Her – HealthyTipsAdvice

The sleeping position can tell a lot about your character and personality. Here are 5 most common positions we still in:

1. Free fall sleeping position
Women who sleep on the stomach with the hands under the pillow is a position called “Free fall sleeping position”; it signifies that you are an open, social person, warm and hospitable.
2.Hunger sleeping position
Women who want to hug the pillow while sleeping, it means that you trust people too much, which can be bad for your own good.

3. Board position
Women who sleep like they are lying on a wooden board, it means you are quiet and reserved person. They have high self-esteem and sometimes can even be arrogant.
4. Back snorer position
If you are a snorer, your partner probably has many sleepless nights. Also, it`s very probable that you don`t get much sleep, as well. This reflects on your health and your mood.
5. Side log position
This may signify that you are a calm, laid-back person. Also very trusting of other people…sometimes a little too trusting.

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