Advantages and Disadvantages of Normal Delivery and C-Section Delivery – Healthy Tips Advice

Have you ever been so amazed of women giving birth? This is truly considered to be one of the life’s miracles since they can procreate. But have you thought how the child comes out of the womb? We have an answer to that question! It may either be a child coming out from the mother’s womb having a normal delivery or getting a C-section.

These two methods are not merely decided by the woman giving birth but are also a decision of the gynecologists to what they think is best to do for the welfare of both the mother and the baby. Here we present the advantages and disadvantages of both methods:
A lot of moms feel confident when they go through a normal/vaginal delivery. The period of recovery is one major advantage for the mom because she can recover faster than having a C-section. With this, the mother can have all the quality time she needs after the baby immediately comes out.

In a normal/vaginal delivery, the baby has decreased the risk of having issues in breathing since the fluid from the baby’s lungs is squeezed out by the contraction of the muscles around as it comes out. The baby’s organs are also considered safe, and its immune system is more likely to function great because of the healthy bacteria it got through the mother’s birth canal.
Giving birth is very painful, and the mother goes through a lot of pain if she would have a normal/vaginal delivery. It takes a lot of guts, energy and time. When we say energy is needed, it is mainly because of the urge of mothers to thrust and contract muscles to get the baby out from the uterus. This imposes a great risk for the mother and the baby because some moms cannot thrust enough.

C-section opts if normal delivery should not be done and if this imposes risks for both the mother and the child. If a woman is having a C-section, she is informed before the child’s birth which gives her time to prepare for the operation. A C-section delivery is also considered less painful compared to a normal delivery and women can give birth in a shorter time.
Since a C-section delivery gives the mother a time to prepare, she is advised to be admitted in the hospital for 2-4 days if all is well. The risk of blood loss, infection, and death are increased if one has a C-section delivery. The recovery period takes longer because the area needs to heal properly.

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