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Did you know that those roll-on deodorants of yours have very surprising uses aside from just making your underarms dry and fragrant?
What other uses, you ask? Well, according to Hefty, you can also use your deodorant in the following ways:
1. It prevents the undersides of your breasts from sweating. 
Can’t Fit Into Your Tight Jeans? Try Putting THIS on Your Legs!
Ladies hate it when they sweat, especially when the sweat is underneath the breasts. Most bras aren’t designed to absorb too much sweat so the best thing to do here is to apply an aluminum-free deodorant on the undersides of your breasts.
2. It can allegedly remove pimples.
Blackheads and acne will disappear with a spray of any aluminum-free deodorant. A roll-on can also be used on the affected area. 
3. It keeps your sunglasses from sliding off your ears.
Do you hate it when your sunglasses fall off your ears when you are dripping with sweat? Then try rubbing the sides of your shades with a bit of deodorant. It might prevent them from falling completely off your ears.
4. It can also prevent your hair from sticking to your face.
Whenever it’s extremely hot, you feel extremely sweaty (duh) so your hair sticks on your face and neck unknowingly. Don’t you just hate it, especially if you have long hair? 
Well, the source said that you can rub an aluminum-free deodorant on the sides of your skin to avoid those annoying sticky hair moments. 
5. It helps you fit into your tight jeans.

Can’t Fit Into Your Tight Jeans? Try Putting THIS on Your Legs!
Do you love to wear tight skinny jeans but hate the hassle of fitting into them? Then try rubbing deodorant on the sides of your upper thighs until it reaches the sides of your ankles! You might fit into your tight jeans more easily! 
6. It can prevent your clothes from undergoing discoloration.
Do you wear light-colored clothes but often sit on a black chair? Then try rubbing some deodorant on your back to prevent your clothes from possibly discoloring due to the chair’s dark color. 
The source said:  “The deodorant ensures that you don’t sweat on your backside. This will effectively prevent your clothes from getting discolored.” 
7. It can prevent you from having sweat outbreaks during the night.
Some people sweat a lot in their sleep, especially if it’s summer season and the humidity is unreal. If you don’t have an electric fan or an air-conditioner in your room, try rubbing some deodorant on your back before you go to sleep. 
8. It can keep your feet from smelling bad.
Don’t have foot powder or foot spray? Then put some deodorant on the soles of your feet to prevent them from smelling bad. Apart from that, it can also keep your feet dry for a period of time. 
9. You can prevent blisters from forming on your skin. 
Blisters appear on your feet when you wear tight-fitting shoes without socks. So, if you aren’t wearing socks, you can just apply an amount of deodorant on the soles of your feet to prevent them from being scarred. 
10. It can prevent you from having razor burns 
Can’t Fit Into Your Tight Jeans? Try Putting THIS on Your Legs!
If you shave and are running out of shaving cream or moisturizer, then you might want to apply deodorant on the affected area, especially after shaving. 
DISCLAIMER: It is important to keep in mind that not all deodorants have the same effect. These only apply to deodorant sticks. We recommend you consult your physician before attempting any of these, just to be sure. 
What can you say about this, dear readers? Do you have any other tips or hacks on the different uses of deodorant? Share them in the comments section below!
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