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Surprisingly, you can get numerous health benefits from changing your shower’s temperature. Taking cold showers instead of hot showers can have amazing health benefits such as burning fats and improving immune system. It can’t be beneficial for our skin and our body. Here are a few of those benefits:

Cold showers boost recovery after exercise
There is nothing better to reduce soreness after vigorous work out than ice baths, which athletes take regularly. If you think that`s too much for you, you can simply take a quick shower after your training session.

Cold shows burn fat
Our body has two kinds of fat: white and brown fat. White fat is the bad fat which is created after we consume more calories than our body needs and those calories get accumulated at the waist, lower back, neck and thighs. Brown fat is responsible for generating heat to keep the body warm. What you don’t know is that brown fat is activated due to extreme cold and it burns calories in order to keep the body warm, which results in weight loss. According to Scandinavian researchers, the exposure to cold temperatures increases the metabolic rate of brown fat by 15 fold, which can help you lose 9 pounds in a year.

Cold showers strengthen immunity and circulation
Cold showers boost your immune system by stimulating the release of virus-fighting white blood cells that will protect you from colds and other illnesses. Also, they improve the blood circulation which prevents hypertension and hardening of the arteries.

Cold showers give you attractive hair and skin
Cold water has the ability to tighten your cuticles and pores, preventing them to get clogged which means that it protects your skin from acne. Cold showers are also good for your hair because they make it smooth and shiny. They close the cuticles making them less susceptible to dirt.

Cold showers increase mood and alertness
You have often been advised to take cold shower immediately after waking up because it deepen your breathing, increase your heart rate resulting in improved blood circulation and your body will be energized and prepared for the day.

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Source: Health Digezt

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