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Awareness of ayahuasca has blown up in the last few years, and as such, the benefits it can offer are more and more well-known. But, the question remains: Is it right for you?

That’s a question only you can answer. But as you learn more, consider the following six common benefits partakers note in using ayahuasca.

1. Spiritual Connections –

For many who use the brew, ayahuasca is less about the physical act of drinking, and more about a connection to the divine world – and to the spirit mother behind the brew.

2. Emotional and Mental Health –

Ayahuasca shatters the illusion of self-reliance and ego, and instead teaches self-acceptance and a willingness to accept ourselves replete with flaws. Recognizing our unique flawed selves helps us to see our own beauty.

3. Physical Health –

Ayahuasca is natural and clean, a remedy for so much of the chemical world that surrounds and ails us. It reconnects us to our body and our spirit, and helps us be our fullest self.

4. Letting go of the Past/ Acceptance of the Present –

Ayahuasca teaches us that there is only the moment, and outside the moment, the past and future cannot exist. It teaches us to let go of that which is not the moment, and focus on controlling our interaction with the present.

5. Death of Ego –

Ayahuasca teaches us to let go of our ego, to accept that we are all part of something larger, that we are ourselves small, but still no less beautiful – but that we do not exist outside of the larger whole.

6. For Depression, PTSD and Addiction –

Ayahuasca has proven effective for sufferers of each of the maladies above, as it helps bring us back to a full awareness of the present and helps us let go of the past to focus on the moment.

Check out the video below for more information about ayahuasca:

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