Bank Of Canada Urges “STAR TREK” Fans To Stop “Spocking” Their Fivers – HealthyTipsAdvice

In a humorous tribute, Canadians are “Spocking” their currency as a tribute to deceased actor Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock on the much beloved Star Trek series.

In a trend that has taken over Twitter, hashtagged #Spocking and #Spockingfives, Canadians have started drawing pointy ears and tilted brows over the face of Canada’s seventh prime minister, Sir Wilfried Lauriel.

Not surprisingly, the Bank of Canada is not happy. 

Spokeswoman Josianee Menard sent USA Today a statement showing why they disagree with the practice.

However, the trend continues and Canadian’s fivers aren’t the only notes that received a makeover.

You should definitely head over to Twitter and search those hashtags – #Spocking and #Spockingfives – to see some of the best!

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