Benefits of Banana Leaf for Health and Everyday Life That Everyone Should Know – Healthy Tips Advice

Bananas are one of the most common fruits all people know. It may be eaten as dessert solely or as a substitute for rice or any heavy carbs. Most of the time, it is a go-to-food when one is hungry.

Anyhow, not only the fruit of the banana tree provides nutrients but also its leaves. It could actually be considered essential. Why? See the list of its benefits below.
-For Wounds
Allantoin which is antibacterial boosts the healing process of wounds and motivates the growth of new skin cells is found in banana leaves.
-For eczema, sunburn, and dandruff
Banana leaf extract, when applied directly to the affected areas, can be helpful in the healing process. For sunburns, leaves in cold water could also be done and applied directly.

-For skin irritation, rashes, insect bites, spider bites and bee stings
Banana leaves can give you a soothing effect and is actually natural eraser.
Banana leaves could be a substitute for plates. Instead of using plates that are washed with dishwashing soaps where residues are inevitable, you could use a chemical-free and natural one. It is totally safe. It has a waxy coating making it water based great for holding wet preparations. These leaves are capable of holding either a small amount of food or an entire meal.
Since banana leaves can be a substitute for plates whether made from styrofoam or plastic, it is considered eco-friendly and practical. It decomposes and decays in a short period of time compared to plastic and styrofoams thus making it actually biodegradable.

According to an article on the website readers digest version, banana leaves tenderize meat during the cooking process. The practice, common in Asian countries, is to wrap the food in the banana leaf and tie it with string before grilling, baking or steaming the dish. In some countries, people use banana leaves for lining cooking pits and for wrapping food, according to Purdue University. The banana foliage also becomes makeshift plates and placemats.

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