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Ginger may have been the world’s healthiest herb for being a wonder drug for many sickness and diseases. Aside from being an effective condiment to many dishes, it is also a good natural remedy we could commonly see in our kitchen. 

While ginger is helpful in cases of numerous ailments and health conditions, it is not recommended and hereby restricted in the following cases, which include:

1. If you are taking certain types of medications

Ginger can alter effects of medications for diabetes and high blood pressure on our body. Mixing ginger with beta-blockers, insulin drugs, or anticoagulants can be very dangerous. It apparently reduces the effect of these drugs. 

2. If you are underweight

Ginger, basically, leads to fat burning, which  may then result to weight loss, hair loss, menstrual disorders, and poor muscle mass. You should avoid consuming ginger or ginger products if you are aiming to gain weight. 

3. If you are pregnant

Ginger contains stimulants that may lead to premature contractions and preterm births for pregnant women. However, you can use it in small bits to relieve morning sickness.

4. If you are scheduled for surgery

Avoid consuming ginger 2 weeks prior to surgery for it may lead to excessive bleeding.
 5. If you have blood disorders

Ginger is effective in improving the blood flow and stimulating circulation. But if you have hemophilia, it may counteract the effects of medications that may lead to deadly haemorrhaging.

6. If you have gallstones

Ginger promotes the production of bile, therefore, it can adversely affect persons with gallstones.

Source: 1 Million Health Tips
Image: Authority Nutrition | Style Craze

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