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If there is this body part that we overuses next to our hands, this will be our feet. There will be no such thing as rest days for it as there will be no human who could take an off from walking even for a single day. 

There will be times that it will get too tired and worse, gain some foot pains.

As there will be no excuse not to walk, even how pained our feet maybe, we have no choice but to use it regardlessly and just wait for the pain to fade away. 

But experts on foot care warns that not all pain should be left ignored specially if it is repetitive or cyclical. 

This guide will help you diagnose common problems out of pain you might experience in the arch, top, and heel of the foot, how to ease such pain and some recommended remedies. 

Pain in the Arch


  • Overuse
  • Wearing unsupportive shoes
  • Weight gain
  • Acute injury 


Have your shoes assessed. If  pain persists for a few days straight, see a foot and ankle surgeon for treatment to prevent this condition from getting worse.

Pain on Top of Foot


  • Stress fracture. (If you’re picking up a new activity that your foot isn’t used to, you’re putting your foot at a higher risk of stress fracture.)


Ask for an MRI scan, which may better detect hairline bone fractures over an X-ray. If you have a stress fracture, you’ll need to temporarily stop exercising and may be prescribed a walking boot or crutches.

Pain in the Heel


  • Too much and too often exercise
  • Too little rest or recovery in between work outs


Rest, orthotic shoe inserts are recommended and stretching and strength training for your lower body.

Source: Huffpost
Image: Health Central

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