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Leaves of the bay laurel tree, also know by it’s scientific name, Laurus nobilis, have long been used in cooking (especially in stews), but you may not know that burning bay leaves also has some tremendous health benefits.

In particular, check out this list of benefits commonly associated with the burning of bay leaves in your home:

  1. Anxiety relief: Linalool, a compound which helps reduce anxiety, is found in bay leaves. Even ten minutes of exposure to the compound can help.
  2. Headache relief: Cineol, pinene, and elemicin are all compounds released when bay leaves are burned, and all of them are believed to be helpful with headaches and fatigue.
  3. Respiratory health: Mycrene and eugenol are both compounds which can help clear respiratory pathways, thus alleviating breathing issues.

There are a great number of health benefits to including bay leaves as part of your diet, too – many of which are well worth investigating.

Learn more in the video below:

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