Polycystic ovary syndrome in most cases is troubling women during their reproductive years and is the result of hormonal imbalance.
What are the symptoms?
At this point you must know that the symptoms can start soon after the first period or may develop during the later reproductive years. However you must pay attention to these symptoms:
A lot of hair on the face and body – increased hair growth can occur on the back, stomach, fingers, chest, and chin.
Abnormal menstrual cycle – this is the most common sign.

Acne – this condition can cause the skin to become oily and during this condition the pimples can be very deep and painful.

Problems with the insulin levels – at this point you need to know that the excess insulin can interfere with the proper work of the ovary and the ovulation.
Depression can occur in most cases.

How to treat this condition?
The treatment of this condition is different for every individual. The doctor may suggest some lifestyle changes. It may recommend birth control pills that will help you regulate your period and lower the production of androgens.
If you recognize some of the symptoms make sure that you talk to your doctor so that you will find out the diagnosed and find the best way to treat this condition.
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