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Just in the past year alone, British citizens spent more on supplemental vitamins than painkillers. 

It does sound good because painkillers are addictive and life threatening when taken in extreme doses. And, it turns out that some vitamins in the market aren’t doing British citizens any better. The UK multivitamin industry is worth well over a half billion pounds yearly. A little under half of British citizens say they consume vitamins and minerals consistently, and the rate has risen over the past few years. Many are making the switch to supplements to offset their junk diet. 

In the Uk, on channel 4, Kate Quilton from Food Unwrapped, headed to the seacoast to pay a visit to the vitamin producer, IVC Industries, in New Jersey, and found that vitamin ingredients were entirely synthetic.

The head of Product Development, at International Vitamin Corporation (IVC), Nick Bennett told Kate that the ingredients were synthesized through fermentation in order to be made in mass amounts.“Bacteria will be fed glucose syrup, and they will convert that into a whole variety of different vitamins and we extract the individual ones out that we want,” he said.

Glucose syrup sounds quite the alarming ingredient, and 90 percent of our corn grown nationwide is genetically modified. Using this junk in healthy food counteracts the health benefits. Many low quality vitamins found in Walmart have maltodextrin, which is an ingredient common in GM corn. Vitamin C pills are made with GM vitamin C. In Food Forensics, Mike Adams found excessive amounts of lead and other toxic contaminants. It is advised you get your vitamins from good sources that are trusted. 
Getting vitamins from food sources is ideal
Quilton also traveled to Houston to speak with Dr. Scott Smith, who is the head of the Nutritional Biochemistry lab at NASA. He doesn’t give astronauts any vitamin supplements as their diet consists of vitamins, except for vitamin D as they receive no sun from outer space, unlike us who can walk outside and catch some warm rays.

If you aren’t receiving enough vitamins, then you must seek out healthy, organic food thats abundant in the nutrients you need. If you can’t find organic food near you, search online for trusted and safe, organic vitamins – Especially ones that have undergone credible laboratory tests and have no toxins in them.

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