China Has Officially Started Construction on The World’s First “Forest City” – HealthyTipsAdvice

While pollution in many parts of China is terrible, Nanjing is especially horrendous. On company, though, has a solution: A forest city.

Stefano Boeri Architecture believe they have found a solution to the pollution, and that solution may surprise you: They’re going to build a forest city.

To start with, the firm has plans to build two skyscrapers, each of which will hold 1,100 trees and 2,500 cascading shrubs, all of which will help with reducing pollution in the crowded eastern Chinese city.

From there, though, their plan gets even more ambitious: A whole city!

Liuzhou Municipality Urban Planning has commissioned the firm to remake the city of Liuzhou, on the Lijiang River. There, the city of 30,000 will see itself be remade in a covering of green – millions and millions of plants.

Ideally, the new Forest City will be self-sustaining and run on renewable energy. 

The project is currently slated for completion in 2020 – check out the images below from the firm, Stefano Boeri Architecture, to see what you think.

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