Combine These 2 Ingredients and Say Goodbye to Sinusitis, Phlegm, Flu, Rhinitis and More! – HealthyTipsAdvice

Sinusitis, cold, flu, phlegm, and rhinitis are all conditions happening in the head.
Inflammation of the sinuses causes the sinusitis and it’s normally a result of allergies as well as fungal, viral, and bacterial infections.
The most common symptoms of sinusitis are congestion, headaches, thick nasal mucus, cough, fatigue, a plugged nose and facial pain are the most common symptoms of this health condition. People usually tend to take prescription antibiotics to treat this issue.
However, they come with certain side-effects, so it’s best to avoid them when there’s a natural solution to the problem you’re dealing with;
Fortunately, we have a natural remedy that will reduce the condition’s symptoms and treat it in no time.


  • 1 medium-sized ginger root
  • 200 ml. apple cider vinegar

First, grate the ginger and mix it with 200 ml. apple cider vinegar in a glass bowl. Store it in a glass jar and cover it with a lid.  Leave the mixture for 10 days at room temperature and shake it occasionally. 
To reduce the inflammation in your sinuses, lower your head over the jar with a towel over your head, and inhale the vapors of the mixture. Inhale for 5-10 min. Then, soak a handkerchief in the APV/ginger mixture and place it on your neck before going to bed. Leave it to stay overnight.
Repeat the treatment for five consecutive days and you’ll notice improvements. You’ll notice your pain significantly relieves thanks to the strong scent of ginger.
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