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Dandelion is known for its beneficial effects for our body. It cleanses the liver, deals with allergies, has diuretic characteristics, reduces cholesterol, triggers the formation of bile and is especially beneficial for post-menopausal and pregnant women.

The best time for picking dandelion is the first half of April, and you can find it in distant places from the city.

Every single part of it can be used and when you gather dandelion you should pick its root with a knife as well.

Its leaves can be added in your salad with potatoes and eggs. This type of salad is richer in vitamins than tomatoes and spinach.

Dandelion is very good at cleansing liver, treating allergies, reducing cholesterol and formation of bile. It is particularly beneficial for pregnant and women in menopause.

In addition, it is richer in carotene than carrots and it includes many minerals and vitamins.

It cleanses the blood, treats stomach problems, normalizes metabolism and promotes proper gallbladder function.

The traditional remedy highly recommends this plant for treating diabetes. The stem of this plant includes milk which is very beneficial for healing and elimination of warts, although some people think it is dangerous.

You can use dandelion flowers to prepare strong syrup, which is called ‘honey’. It cleanses and improves the blood, stimulates digestion and reduces cough.

How to Prepare Dandelion Syrup?

Pour 3 liters of cold water over 400 yellow dandelion flowers. Add 4 lemons and 4 oranges (slice them first) and leave the mixture to stay for 24 hours.

Then you can strain the mixture with gauze or cheesecloth. Put the liquid in some pot and add 2 cups of sugar. Cook the liquid for hour and a half, while stirring constantly.

Once it begins to boil and it is thick enough, you should decrease the heat and transfer the syrup in hot, sterilized glass jars. You will be able to heal cough, cold and bronchitis with this syrup. You can freely give this syrup to your kids as well.

Dandelion Tea:

Dry the dandelion plants on the air. Use the dried leaves to prepare the tea. Consume it fresh and sweeten it with honey. You shouldn’t use metal spoon when adding the honey, try to use plastic or wooden spoon.

Dandelion root cures cancer

Latest scientific research has proven that dandelion root can heal cancer. So, if you intend to prepare dandelion root for further use, you should peel it, cut it in even small parts and dry them in the fresh air.

The root should be dried in some cool dry place with proper air flow. The roots will need 13-14 days until they are dried well. You will know if they are dry enough once they become brittle under the fingers. Once they are dry, store them in a jar and keep them in some dark, dray area for 1 year.

Dandelion root purifies the kidneys, gallbladder, liver and lymph. This is why it has been used in healing various health conditions such as arthritis, gallstones, rheumatism, constipation, acne, edema and hepatitis.

Moreover, dandelion root is particularly beneficial in treating women’s diseases, especially in the prevention and treatment of many breast problems, including cancer, cysts, tumors and problems linked to breast milk and breastfeeding.

Dandelion tea – recipe:

Combine 60 grams of fresh mixture and 30 grams of dried dandelion root. Add them in 2.5 ounces of water with a  pinch of salt. Allow the mixture to boil and then cover the pot and leave it simmer for 20 minutes. Strain the tea and drink 3 cups per day.

Dandelion root tea – recipe

Chop some dried dandelion leaves and mince them. Put them in some jar. Combine ½ a teaspoon of these leaves with a glass of water and drink this mixture every day.

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