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We all love to wear jammies in our sleep but did you know that foregoing your clothes altogether during bedtime has plenty of benefits? Granted, you can probably only do this when you are all alone in the house or if it’s just you and your significant other.
According to Hefty, here are the health benefits of sleeping naked:

Did You Know That Sleeping Naked Is Good For You? HERE'S WHY!

1. Your body temperature becomes regulated.
During sleep, the temperature of our bodies drop. This is allegedly disrupted when you wear thick clothes during sleep because your body’s natural reaction to temperature change is interrupted. According to the source: “sleeping naked ensures that your body temperature doesn’t get too high.”

Did You Know That Sleeping Naked Is Good For You? HERE'S WHY!

Melatonin, or sleep hormones, are allegedly regulated when you sleep without your clothes on. Melatonin is all the more increased when the light and temperature within your room is set to an ideal manner – the room should be completely dark and the temperature not higher than 69.8° F.
3. Your stress hormones become regulated
Cortisol, the stress hormone, plays a role in the metabolic processes that take place in our bodies.
The source said: “If you get too warm under your blanket, your cortisol production increases. A high cortisol level leads to a ravenous appetite (and long-term weight gain), increased nervousness, and tension.”
4. It ups your sense of well-being

Did You Know That Sleeping Naked Is Good For You? HERE'S WHY!

If you sleep naked, you will definitely feel more comfortable since you do not have any clothes that might inhibit you from moving in your sleep.
According to the report: “When you sleep without [pajamas], you help your circulation because the blood can move more easily through your body. This makes you feel better and, as a result, you sleep better.”
5. If you sleep with a partner or significant other, then it might strengthen your relationship.
If you sleep naked with your partner, then the hormone oxytocin is released. Oxytocin is a hormone that makes you feel good.
The source said: “This hormone leads to feelings of happiness and has a positive effect on our sleep. It also strengthens the human bond and, therefore, the relationship.”
What do you think about sleeping naked? Care to try it out? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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