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If you’re a natural born Filipino or a long-time resident of the Philippines, then you’ve seen people drink coconut water. Maybe you’ve even had some of it yourself.
Coconut water is an inexpensive yet refreshing beverage enjoyed by many Filipinos. It’s particularly good during those hot and humid summer days the country is exposed to half the time. We’re sure you’re familiar with a coconut vendor who regularly stops by your home or place of work – you probably even buy some from him from time-to-time. 
But did you know that coconut water has plenty of health benefits? Coconut water is full of nutrients and has many amazing uses that contribute to a healthy lifestyle
Did You Know That These Things Can Happen To Your Body Just By Drinking Coconut Water For 1 Week? You Should Try This!

Here are 6 reasons why you should be drinking more coconut water.

1. Better Digestion
– Coconut water is great for digestion because it’s full of fiber. 
– Helps prevent indigestion as well as acid reflux.
2. Healthier Kidneys 
– Coconut water is a natural diuretic, a substance which promotes urination. 
– May help prevent the formation of kidney stones.
– Avoid drinking coconut water if your potassium levels are too high.

3. Weight Loss
– A week of constant coconut water drinking may help with weight loss.
– Coconut water has very low fat content and has the ability to suppress appetite.   
– You can drink plenty of coconut water guilt-free during a diet.
4. Stable Blood Pressure 
– According to the American Heart Association, suitable amounts of potassium in your diet can help maintain or even lower blood pressure.
– A study made in 2005 reported subjects who drank coconut water for a period of two weeks showed a 29% decrease in diastolic blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure also decreased by 71%.

5. Stronger Immune System
– Coconut water contains lauric acid, an antibacterial and antiviral saturated fat. 
-Lauric acid can help against viral infections, such as influenza and colds, as well as urinary tract infections.

6. Boosts Hydration
– Those who engage in physical activities often replace regular water or sports drinks with coconut water.
– A glass of coconut water has about 294 mg of potassium, 25 mg of sodium, and 5 mg of natural sugar –unlike typical sports drinks that contain only half of the potassium content, 41mg of sodium and five times the amount of processed sugar. 
– The potassium content helps maintain water pressure in cells and rehydrates them. 
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