Do You Have Problems With Irregular Menstrual Cycle? Then You Must Know This! – HealthyTipsAdvice

Many women do not have the right information about the cycle. They grow up thinking they are irregular periods, a strange smell, etc. something that they need to worry. It is important to remember that irregular menstruation can be normal.
The following reasons can trigger irregular or missed periods.

It sounds ridiculous to you, as soon as we fall behind in the cycle think – Oh God I’m pregnant. This is so because the pregnancy is the most common reason for the absence of the cycle.

Not taking the pills
This can often affect the irregular menstrual cycle. Doctors prescribe a variety of contraceptive pills women who experience from the absence of the period. End of the pill may result in the absence of the cycle about 6 months.
Poly cystic syndrome is caused by genetics and insulin. It can affect the absence of the cycle.
Teenage girls
Teen girls often have irregular cycles. We know that the body needs some time to fully mature.
Chronic stress or even short-term anxiety about a specific problem can wreak havoc with your hormone balance, causing a missed period and irregular cycle.
Extreme exercise or dieting
Exercising too much can throw off the timing of menstrual bleeding and sometimes stop it. “It’s common for endurance athletes to have missed periods,” says Autry. Being underweight, whether from extreme exercise, dieting, an eating disorder, or illness, can have the same effect.

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