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Lice can be very annoying, contagious and difficult to get rid of lice, unless you know the right tricks. 

In most cases lice is a popular topic of conversations throughout schools when your younger. Teachers try to spread awareness to stay healthy and clean and watch out for lice. They aren’t necessarily dangerous but they can be extremely aggravating and cause a itchy inflammed scalp. If untreated it can lead serious infections which can be dangerous. 

If your aware of lice and the struggles that come with it. You’ll also know the insufficiency of the products and solutions and on the market. The price just isn’t worth it and in fact there’s a natural DIY alternative sure to please you beyond your expectations.

Here’s what you’ll need:

• Lice comb
• White vinegar
• Listerine mouthwash (if you want you can use another brand)
• Few towels
• Shower cup or plastic bags
• A couple of towels
• With the mouthwash wash your child’s head. The hair should be completely wet.
• Using a plastic bag wrap the hair or cover it with a bathing cap. Leave it for 60 minutes.
• Afterwards remove the bathing cup/plastic bag.
• The next step is to wash your child’s hair with the vinegar and again cover it with a bag/hat for additional 60 minutes.
• Finally, remove the hat/bag and with a normal shampoo wash your child’s hair.
• Take a lice comb and comb the hair. The vinegar will eliminate the lice eggs from the hair.
• Listerine’s strong smell will keep them away, because lice actually cannot stand the smell of spearmint and that is why they will escape. You can also add Listerine in spray bottle and spray it your child’s hair before school. The entire treatment will take a few hours.
However, it is better to use this treatment than commercial products against lice which contain a lot of chemicals which can enter in the child’s bloodstream.

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