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Giant Hogweed-Heracleum mantegazzianum, a plant found in Hungary, is spreading fear and panic on social networks. This plant, with beautiful white flowers, can cause serious damage to the skin, and even partial or complete blindness.

“The pictures are frightening! This plant, which began to spread in Hungary, it’s very dangerous-you can see the consequences at the pictures. It’s enough to touch the leaves and wounds will appear immediately (something like burns) which will last with months and then it will remain dark brown scars. The plant grows 2-5 meters in height. It has beautiful white flowers. The poison of the plant is carcinogenic and of it comes to the eyes, it can cause blindness, which generally can’t be treated. It`s very difficult to cure it. avoid this dangerous plant, if you notice it, don`t let to be seduced by it`s beautiful white flowers.”

There are data in the literature which confirm most of these claims. Where it is precisely explained how this plant has the most dangerous poison when it`s in bloom.

The poison causes fotodermatitis. This is so because when the skin is exposed to the poison of the plant and the sunlight. It results with rush and sometimes permanent scars or spots on the skin. If it touches your eyes, the poison causes temporary or permanent blindness.

If you ever come in contact with this plant, try to protect from the sun immediately and rinse the spot with cold water. Visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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Source: Just Natural Life

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